Jane Helstosky Cremins, LICSW

Mental Health

It is a very fast paced, complicated and confusing world we live in which can compound sadness and other strong feelings along with self doubt, worry, and loneliness. It is easy to become derailed from living your best authentic life. When feeling overwhelmed, confused, or alone in trying to manage internal and life struggles, counseling is a way to help ground, clarify and connect you.

As a therapist my overarching goal for anyone I work with is to provide a peaceful space to feel heard and seen, and to help you use your strengths and talents to become more grounded, more confident and more at ease with yourself and your life; to feel more able to deal with the the pain and loss we all experience while being able to see the beauty and joy that is also in our world.

I will work to provide a safe, supportive, and compassionate place to explore your past, your feelings, current concerns and roadblocks, and to explore possible shifts and clarification of values, goals, and ways of managing that might be a better match for who you are now.

I use a wide variety of approaches depending on what my clients bring to the table- their strengths, goals, what they are looking to change in themselves and in their life, what brings them joy. I am person centered, and collaborative using a variety of approaches all embedded in an overarching systems view that might include interpersonal psychotherapy, psychoeducational, expressive art, CBT, mindfulness, parts therapy, and elements from ACT, DBT, IFS, ERT, behavioral theories.

I have over 25+ years as a therapist and am experienced in individual, family, and group work with all ages and a specialty with adolescents addressing the following areas: adoption; GBLT+: neurodiversity; trauma; infertility; social and relationship issues; depression; anxiety; mood and thought dysregulation; adjustment issues; school issues; grief; panic attacks; and sleep issues, among others.

I currently take MA BC/BS and private pay clients. My current hours are Thursdays 1-5, and I offer telehealth as well as in person therapy.

Please call or text 978-400-8951 for a free 15 minute consultation to see if I am a good fit for you. I look forward to possibly helping you on your journey. It will be an honor.