Beverly Duda, CYT

(774) 262-3662
Yoga & Movement

Beverly J. Duda, a senior Embodyoga Teacher continues to delve into the depths of embodied anatomy and inquiry throughout her classes. Beverly continues to study with teachers Patty Townsend, Lisa Clark and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen through online programs to gain more in-depth embodied experiences to share with her students. Her ability to guide you into your own body experience through play and inquiry helps build one’s foundation for clarity and ease in moving into postures and transitioning to the next, level changing from standing to laying on the earth or earth to standing. Practices of Meditation, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra are also offered in classes. Beverly’s classes are offered as an experience to give time and space for her students to sense, feel and experience their inner movements to movements in space.

For more information you can reach Beverly at or 774-262-3662.


Yoga Clubs are available: Unlimited classes for 1 month $80.00. Drop-ins: $14.00. If you want to learn, please come. Sliding scale is available or work trade. Inquiries please call 774-262-3662 or email at