About Listening Wellness Center

Our intention at Listening is to increase the well-being of the community by promoting access to health care and encouraging self-education. Located in a large, beautiful historic house adjacent to Barre Common, we offer the services of a group of skilled and experienced healers from a variety of complementary and allopathic medicines. Our intention is to be partner/guide with our clients, working with them to explore what works for their unique situation and what will help them to enhance their enjoyment of life at all levels–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The close proximity of many healers allows easy referrals and the ability to plan a course of treatments that best suits the individual.

At the heart of the healing work of each practitioner is the intention to listen and to encourage the art of listening. To listen means to stop, even in the midst of our busy lives, and to be alertly aware. We can all listen to each other, to nature, and most of all to ourselves. It is at this place of listening, with awareness to our own inner voice of wisdom, that healing and transformation take place.

Listening is a community center, open to all, not just those needing individual appointments. We offer a library, meeting space, workshops and classes. Our intention is to foster community through learning and exploration.

Listening is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide ease of access to complementary care and to provide community education on health and self-care. We accept tax-deductible donations and grants for this mission.

Our Logo

We chose the gingko leaf as our logo because it is the oldest living plant species. It has both male and female parts in one plant and is used by both western and eastern cultures as a healing herb. It is used to promote clarity and awareness. Therefore, we found this extraordinary but ordinary leaf to be the perfect logo for our Center.

The form of the leaf is very joyous with the stem aimed at the earth and the veins of the leaf reaching heavenward.

It is both peaceful and alert, just the right listening pose.