A Community Center For Health, Healing, and Learning
Listening is a non-profit center whose mission is to promote wholistic health and wellness for the Central Massachusetts community. The name Listening is inspired by a Chinese acupuncture point. This point helps you to hear outside sounds and your inner, intuitive voice — creating balance between inner and outer, active and quiet. This harmony is the road to health.
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About Listening Wellness Center

Contact the office at Listening by email at director@listeningwellness.org
or leave a message at 978-355-3501

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Listening office staff is working remotely for the most part, with in person appointments scheduled in advance. Email: director@listeningwellness.org or leave a message at 978-355-3501 

Listening promotes wholistic health and wellness by:

  • Creating and supporting a community of independent complementary care providers
  • Offering programs for people of all ages and abilities
  • Collaborating and networking with others
  • Sharing our space with community groups
  • Connecting people to programs, resources, and practitioners